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Camp Closer

April, 2020

It takes a lot of work to operate a summer camp, but it takes even more work to make sure the staff doesn’t shut it down. Camp Closer follows the dedicated staff of Camp Joy, a coed sleep-away camp in Wisconsin, as they handle the mini-emergencies that the summer throws at them.

Inspired by my time as a camp counselor (see picture).

Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition 2021

Semifinalist, Filmmatic TV Pilot Awards 5th

Camp Closer: Project

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Camp Closer: Files

My Favorite Camp Songs

These songs scratch such a nostalgic place in my brain. Out of all the playlists I'm putting on this website, this one is definitely the most intimate one. I've barely touched the playlist since I made it in 2015 AKA right after I first got Spotify.

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