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Improvisation and Sketch Comedy

Get Ready to Rumble! (With laughter)

Swomo Comedy

September 2017 - July 2020

Swomo, formerly known as The Swolen Monkey Showcase, is Emerson College's longest-running improv troupe. In addition to the 5-7 long-form improv shows we would produce a semester, Swomo also writes and performs an original play twice a year. I loved every second of my time in Swomo and the people that I met are some of the greatest improvisors I've ever had the chance to perform with.

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Harold and Maude

June 2014 - June 2017

Harold and Maude was New Trier High School's long-form Improv team. A play on the classic Chicago-style Improv form "The Harold", we explored many different types of long form improv structures with an emphasis on creating our own form. In addition to our bi-annual shows at New Trier, we also performed at The Playground Theater in Chicago.


NQA (No Questions Asked)

September 2013 - May 2017

New Trier's Short Form Improv club. We met weekly to go over fundamentals of improv in preparation for biannual show. As a co-head of the troupe, I helped host shows, lead warmups, and serve as a liason between the other students and our coaches.


No Explanation

January 2014 - May 2017

No Explanation was a sketch troupe based at the Actor's Training Center in Wilmette, IL. We met weekly to pitch, write, and perform sketch comedy culminating in shows at The Wilmette Theatre. We also performed at various teen comedy festivals around Chicago as well as the annual Chicago Sketchfest.


Past Our Bedtime

May - June 2017

An offset of Harold and Maude, Past Our Bedtime was a longform team that competed in the iO Cagematch. They performed for 4 weeks straight after knocking off reigning champs of 10+ but were ultimately brought down due to losing a double-tiebreaker round.

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