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Gus and Pepper

July, 2021

After finding an educational pamphlet on wild Proboscis Monkeys, Pepper, a captive Proboscis at Eastside Zoo decides she's going to kill herself. It's up to Gus, her roommate and best friend to convince her that life at the zoo is worth living.

Be on the lookout for exciting updates regarding this script... 

Gus and Pepper: Project

Listen to Gus and Pepper!

There's a frantic rhythm to Gus and Pepper's story that I wanted to capture through music. This playlist makes me want to break free of my inner Eastside Zoo and take control of my destiny.

Gus and Pepper: HTML Embed

Gus and Pepper

Enjoy the first 18 pages of Gus and Pepper's adventure!

Gus and Pepper: Files
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