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Finn Wagstaff Writing Portfolio

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Samples attached on the website, please email if you would like the full work.

DIVINE Greg Gorman.jpeg

Glenn Vs. The Filthiest Woman Alive

September 2020

Based on the true story of Divine, Glenn vs. The Filthiest Woman Alive tells the story of Glenn Milstead, a timid gay boy from Baltimore who hitches a ride straight to superstardom with the help of his dirty, sexy, nasty drag persona.

I'm Going To Kill You,

Jimmy Fallon

October 2019, June 2020

Frankie is a college student reeling from a particularly bad breakup. With the guidance of his therapist (who’s also a real estate agent/prostitute), it becomes crystal clear to Frankie that he needs to kill Jimmy Fallon. As he makes his way towards The Tonight Show with the help of his problematic musical theatre girl sister, he slowly starts to realize there are forces beyond his understanding influencing his actions (hint: the person who wrote the album “reputation”).

Gay Water

May 2021

When mysterious chemicals in the water turns everyone at Racine Creek High School gay, Kyle, the former only-gay-kid-at-school is devastated. Everyone is stealing his thing! Now, he must learn to blaze a new trail for himself. With the help of his bestie Jennie and his former-crush-turned-new-GBF Tray, Kyle realizes that the one thing that this small town needs is someone to help them through the awkward and hilarious process of learning how to be gay.

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May 2020

After a particularly homophobic school dance, Nick ends up striking a conversation at the afterparty with Eric, a classmate of his that he has more in common with than he first thought.

Gus and Pepper

July, 2021

After finding an educational pamphlet on wild Proboscis Monkeys, Pepper, a captive Proboscis at Eastside Zoo decides she's going to kill herself. It's up to Gus, her roommate and best friend to convince her that life at the zoo is worth living.

Camp Closer

April, 2020

It takes a lot of work to operate a summer camp, but it takes even more work to make sure the staff doesn’t shut it down. Camp Closer follows the dedicated staff of Camp Joy, a coed sleep-away camp in Wisconsin, as they handle the mini-emergencies that the summer throws at them.

sashes to sashes_edited.jpg

Marty and Tad are LIVING!

February 2019

After witnessing the straightest Meet-Cute of all time, resident office gays Marty and Tad find themselves trapped in a romantic comedy. With their own happy endings on the line, Marty and Tad must play matchmaker for the heteros. Cue the montage!


December 2019

A hand model's lucrative career is threatened by something writhing under her skin.

Sashes to Sashes

December 2019

Elise, a former beauty queen, is kidnapped by her childhood nemesis and rival, JonBenet Ramsey (yes, that one), and is taken to the underworld. Elise finds out that when you die, there is no heaven or hell. It's just one big pageant.

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